sports-related legal services

Representing Sports Associations

  • Sharpshooting, sailing, kayaks, boxing, wrestling, water polo.
  • Ongoing legal counseling.
  • Representation in courts.
  • Drafting agreements.
  • Extending legal opinions.
  • Filing petitions with international associations.
  • Attending board meetings and managing general assembly meetings.

International Agent Representation

  • Conducting negotiations with teams, drafting agreements, filing financial claims.

Representing teams

  • Ongoing legal counsel to sports associations.
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements with trainers and service providers.
  • Representation in disciplinary hearings and budgetary control.
  • Filing petitions with the high court on discipline and control.
  • Representation in courts and inner legal tribunals.

Representing team functionaries

  • Ongoing legal accompaniment and consultation.
  • Representation in courts and inner tribunals.

Representing players and trainers

  • Locating receiving teams.
  • Escorting negotiations with teams and drafting agreements.
  • Mediating in financial claims and player transfers.
  • Releasing and transfer of players.
  • Representation in legal discussions in the courts.
  • Player representation before the committee on players status.
  • Representation in claims due to physical damage.