Nominations of attorney Eyal jaffe to the European Sailing Federation

Executive Board Meeting

On October 7th the Executive Board held a meeting in Neusiedl-am-See (Austria), close to Vienna, thanks to the generous invitation of the Österreichischer Segelverband, the Austrian Sailing Federation. When the enlargement of their nautical base is finished, EUROSAF will benefit from office space and helping hands there, on top of the support our Secretary General, Roland Regnemer, is already enjoying.

There we followed up on EUROSAF Committees’ advances and also on all other pending matters. Follows a summary; come back to me or to our Secretary General if you want more detailed information.

Legal Committee

The Legal Committee has started the task instructed by the General Assembly in Sofia last March, namely the call for and study of any amendments submitted by our MNAs. The Executive Board has decided to withdraw its amendments submitted in Sofia and leave them for consideration by the Legal Committee. Two MNAs also submitted amendments in Sofia, BUL and NOR. They will both be asked whether they want to keep them on the table for the next AGM or rather, as the Executive Board has done, withdraw them and leave them for consideration by the Legal Committee. Of course, doing so in no way limits their right to bring them back for consideration at the next AGM if they consider it necessary.

At the same time, all MNAs will be requested to contribute, if they so wish, amendments or—less formally—constitutional issues for the Legal Committee to review. The Legal Committee itself will also look for matters to be inserted in the Constitution (e.g. electronic voting). The outcome of this process will be a set of coherent and reasoned proposals of modification of the newly adopted Constitution, if needed, for the next General Assembly to review, discuss, and decide on.

Your input is not only highly appreciated, but also absolutely indispensable to make this process fruitful. My informal suggestion is not to wait for the formal query to come: contribute as of now your amendments or constitutional issues to the Secretary General, who will forward them to Ion Echave, Chair of the Legal Committee, to advance their study.

Race Officials Committee

As you have already been informed by our Secretary General, I am pleased to confirm that the Race Officials Exchange Meeting will take place in Malta from 26 to 28 January 2018. Mark the date and inform your Race Officials delegate!

The meeting is organised by EUROSAF in association with the Malta Sailing Federation. Tomasz Chamera and Pınar Coşkuner Genç, EUROSAF Vice-presidents responsible for Race Officials, together with Nino Shmueli, Chair of the EUROSAF Race Officials Committee, will conduct it.

On the 27th, in addition to the Race Officials Exchange Meeting and Workshops that will span all day, a Race Officials Committee Meeting and an Executive Board Meeting are also scheduled. This will constitute a very effective way, both for the Race Officials Committee and the Executive Board, to receive the direct input from attending Race Officials delegates.

Our Secretary General will soon provide further details on travel and accommodation. Contact him should you need more information.

Events Committee

To give the Events Committee enough time to come by a set of proposed guidelines for EUROSAF Events in line with our Key Priorities, the Executive Board has decided to cancel the EUROSAF Youth European Championship 2017 and to open a bid process for the following events:

– EUROSAF Match Racing Open European Championship 2018 & 2019.

– EUROSAF Match Racing Youth European Championship 2018 & 2019.

Contact our Secretary General if you are interested in organizing any of these events; he will inform you in detail.

The EUROSAF Para Sailing European Championships 2018 will be held in Kiel (Germany) during the Kiel Week, from 16th to 24th June, with the stated goal to contribute to World Sailing’s Para Sailing Strategic Plan and to the re-introduction of Para Sailing into the Paralympic Sports Programme for 2024 and beyond. Taking part in this event is of utmost importance if we want to achieve those goals. Inform your Para Sailing responsible person and send a team!

EUROSAF remains open to classes wishing to hold a EUROSAF European Championship. This is a way to fulfil our vision of “More sailors, more fun, more successful sailors and persons” and to that effect we are currently in talks with event organisers.

2018 AGM

Regrettably Federação Portuguesa de Vela, the Portuguese Sailing Federation, has withdrawn its offer to organize the next EUROSAF Annual General Meeting in 2018.

Therefore EUROSAF is calling for new bids for next spring. The AGM was scheduled from 9 to 11 March 2018 following the Portuguese offer; the dates can be changed to a later date until the end of April. Care must be taken, however, not to clash with Easter holidays around April 1st(Catholic, Anglican… calendar) and April 8th (Orthodox calendar).

As time is a critical factor, send your bids to organize the 2018 AGM by 10 November 2017 to our Secretary General. The bidding document is enclosed.

An email vote shall follow, as this decision falls to the General Assembly according to article 15.5.h of the Constitution. Contact our Secretary General for any questions you may have.

World Sailing’s Annual Conference

As already announced, three EUROSAF Vice-presidents (Tomasz Chamera, Pınar Coşkuner Genç, and Timo Hass) and I will be in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) to attend World Sailing’s Annual Conference. There we will invite the delegates of European MNAs to an informal meeting to keep you up-to-date personally and to receive your direct feedback. The meeting is tentatively scheduled on Wednesday 8, from 1900 to 2000, after the delegates meet at the Expo Room for the MNA Networking Session that starts at 1830. Please inform your delegate and ask them to send their contact and travel details to our Secretary General to assist in the setting up of the meeting.

EUROSAF Committees are also setting up their own meetings with their Chairs and all members present. Committee members going to Puerto Vallarta must refer to their Committee Chair for coordination and details.

Many things have been done; many more are to be. I look forward to your comments, questions, proposals, and participation; and, for those of you travelling to Mexico, to meeting you there.