Our Team

Attorney Odeliya Asis Abergel

Graduate of Tel-Aviv University, 2000.

Interned at Zvi Jaffe & Co. law firm and was certified to practice law by the Israel Bar Association in 2000. Upon certification, Abergel began working as an attorney for the law firm of Zvi Jaffe & Co., where she is employed to this date.

Attorney Asis Abergel specializes in municipal corporate law, public law, labor laws and tenders law.

Served for many years as secretary for the Tel-Aviv Sports Palace Company until 2017.

Attorney Asis Abergel has been a mediator since 2010.

Highly experienced in city taxes, Asis Abergel has in recent years chaired the Appeals Committee in the Holon Municipality.

Attorney Asis Abergel also specializes in land and land taxes as part of her job description in the firm.

As part of her public activity, Attorney Asis Abergel served as member in the Associations and NPO Committee in the Israel Bar Association and provided legal advice to the Association of the Deaf in Israel

Irit Ytzachk Administrative Manager

Has been working for Zvi Jaffe & Co. for almost 30 years.

Irit provides the firm’s clients with administrative oversight, maintaining continuous contact with them during the management of the legal case.

Irit adheres to a high level of excellence, maintaining fine communication and public relations skills while devoting herself to broadening and expanding her knowledge of legal areas, thereby facilitating the professional work with the firm’s clients.

 “All work is a self-portrait of its author, all work must reflect excellence” – this I learned from Adv. Zvi Jaffe, one of the founders of sports law, internal judicial tribunals and elections in Israel.

Irit Yzachk, April 2017

עוAttorney Zvi Jaffe Senior Law Consultant

Founder of the firm – Advocate and Notary Zvi Jaffe

LLB and LLM in Law.

Zvi Jaffe has an impressive public record that includes serving as Chairperson of the National Union of Israeli Students and member of numerous volunteer institutions.

Licensed to practice law since 1956, Zvi Jaffe is one of the founders of sports law in this country as well as the author of the first book on sports law “Sports Laws” and “Sports Gambling Laws”, and is considered a leading expert on sports laws and election laws. He also authored the book Laws of Election to the Knesset.

Jaffe also serves as senior partner in sports law and independence of internal courts of sports institutions and Histadrut.

Jaffe established the principle of debet esse finis litium (end of litigation) of internal tribunals in court. In reserve duty, Zvi Jaffe served with the Military Advocate General, as chief presiding judge with a rank of Lieutenant Colonel in El Arish, Rephidim and Gaza.